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Community Guidelines & Resources

Where can I find the rules and regulations for my community?

The Resident Guide outlines the community guidelines for Atlantic Marine Corps Communities at Tri-Command.

***Note: Your Resident Guide refers to renter's insurance offering, which has been discontinued as of January 1, 2015.

How do I contact my Community Office?


Laurel Bay Welcome Center
640 Laurel Bay Road
Beaufort, SC 29906
T (843) 846 5300

Laurel Bay Community Center

514 West Cardinal Lane
Beaufort, SC 29906
T (843) 846 5335

Freedom Sound Community Center
416 E. Althea St
Beaufort, SC 29906
T (843) 846 5338

Parris Island Community Center
310 Punch Bowl Street
Beaufort, SC 29902
T (843) 322 0597

What are the pool hours and locations?

We are excited to offer two convenient pool locations for resident enjoyment at the Laurel Bay Community Center: 514 West Cardinal Lane, and Parris Island Community Center: 310 Punch Bowl Street.

Important Reminder: children who are not toilet-trained are required to wear an approved swim diaper. Anyone who has had known illness symptoms should not enter the pool during and/or up to two weeks post symptoms (per Model Aquatic Health Code).

Pool Hours:

Laurel Bay Pool: 
Monday & Tuesday: Closed for routine maintenance.
Wednesday-Saturday: 10AM-7PM
Sunday: 11AM-7PM

Parris Island Pool: 
Monday & Tuesday: Closed for routine maintenance.
Wednesday-Saturday: 10AM-7PM
Sunday: 11AM-7PM

Note: Guest approval will be at the discretion of your community manager. The pools are a free amenity for residents only.

Are pets allowed?

Yes, we gladly welcome four-legged family members at AMCC Tri-Command. For more information specifically regarding breed restrictions, please see the AMCC Animal Policy or contact MCAS Beaufort Military Housing at 843-228-6000 or Parris Island Military Housing at 843-228-2244.

Are there any special safety features or tips about my home or community I should know about?

We have put together a short video highlighting fire, child, water and neighborhood safety.
Click Here to watch the video

Click Here to view a video about GFCI outlet safety and tips

Am I allowed to run a business from my home?

Permission to conduct a home enterprise such as child care operated by a DoN-approved licensed child care provider, tailoring, tax preparation, etc. in Family Housing should be requested in writing to the AMCC Community Management Office. All in-home businesses must be properly licensed by all local, state, and federal laws; in addition to installation requirements. Businesses which adversely affect the tranquility or safety of the military community will not be allowed. Requests for modifications to the home for an in-home business must be submitted in writing and approved by the Community Manager; any modifications will be at the Resident’s expense. Businesses will not duplicate the sale of merchandise and services readily available through the installations’ officially sanctioned commerce. Door-to-door sales, surveys, and/or solicitations of any sort are not permitted. Likewise, commercial advertising or flyers of any kind may not be posted or distributed. It is a Federal offense to attach anything to mailboxes.

Are guests allowed to stay with me?

Any visitors staying with a resident at Tri-Command housing needs to go to the Military Housing Office, either on the MCAS Beaufort or MCRD Parris Island to receive a visitors pass.  Visitors cannot stay longer than two weeks without an AA form from chain of command.

I’m going to be out of town for a while. Is there anyone who can keep an eye on my house?

Fill out an I'll Be Back form, and turn it into the Community Center office. Please provide an emergency contact of someone who will be checking on the home in your absence.

Deployment Support Program Information

Choosing to stay in your home at Atlantic Marine Corps Communities while your spouse is deployed may be the best choice you can make for you and your family. We understand the challenges surrounding deployments, and that is why we created the Deployment Support Program to aid families in the extra house work and provide a network during this time. To assist families, we offer several benefits to residents, including:

  • Extra maintenance support
  • Yard assistance
  • Home watch support
  • Resident support, and more!
Enroll in the Deployment Support Program

Fire Inspection

To ensure the safety of you and your family members, all new residents are required to arrange a mandatory fire inspection of their new home with 30 days of move in.

Fire Inspection Acknowledgement Form


How do I report a maintenance issue?

If you are experiencing a maintenance issue in your home, contact the Maintenance Solution Center (MSC) at (877) 509-2424 as soon as possible. For routine service requests, you may also submit your maintenance request onlineClick here for an explanation of routine, urgent, and emergency work orders.

With the MSC, you can expect: 

  • Upgraded call handling and customer experience
  • US-based representatives with strong facilities knowledge
  • New call back feature offered to avoid wait times
  • Appointment notifications and reminders
  • Superior response and specialized technician assignments
Our experienced customer service agents are available for 19-hours each weekday to assist you with routine, urgent and emergency service requests. When a request occurs on a weekend or after hours, your MSC call will be handled by an automated after-hours service that puts you in direct contact with the technician who will be responding to your urgent or emergency request. Click here for more information on the MSC. 

Don’t forget to download the Lendlease US Communities App and enable notifications to receive an alert when the maintenance technician is on their way to your home!

Are any items available for pick-up by residents?

We are pleased to offer residents a convenient Self-Help option for several replacement items for your home. Items available include:

  • Drip pans
  • Blind vanes
  • Appliance bulbs
  • Garage remote batteries
  • HVAC filters

Please contact your community office at the number below to schedule a pickup.

Laurel Bay Community Center (843) 846-5335
Parris Island Community Center (843) 322-0597

Home Alterations

How do I submit a request to alter my home?

AMCC Tri-Command does allow limited modifications within the homes.
For information on the approved colors for paint modifications, review our paint policy and paint request form. Click here to submit your paint request electronically. If you’re interested in installing a satellite dish or installing a fence, please review the dig permit form and return the necessary paperwork to your Community Office. For other modification requests, please contact your Community Office. 

Refuse, Recycle & Landscaping

When can I expect the trash and recycling to be picked up?

Trash and Recycling Schedule

When is the grass cut?

PREPARE YOUR YARD: Residents are responsible for removing all objects in their yard including pets and pet waste, toys, hoses, any items that could get in the way of the lawn mowers, and all yard debris including leaves, branches and rocks. It those things are not removed, yard maintenance personnel cannot be held responsible for damage their mowers may cause to the resident’s items, or possibly, the resident’s yard will not be mowed. 

Residents will be responsible for lawn maintenance for the areas of their home that are fenced. Grass outside the fence line will be maintained by the landscaping contractor. 

For more information about the lawn maintenance schedule, please contact your Community Manager. 

Mow Schedule*
The weekly mowing usually begins around April 3rd.

Day Neighborhoods
1 Wake Village and Marsh Landing
2 Naval Hospital and Weapons Sound
3 Bay Circle and Freedom Sound 
4 Laurel Bay Blvd, Beech, Birch, Balsam, Banyan, and Cypress
5 Albacore, Barracuda, Cobia, Dolphin Iris, Heather, Jasmine, Gardenia, and Foxglove
6 Camellia, Bluebell, Dahlia, Aster, Azalea, and Ableia
7 Elderberry, Dogwood, Acorn, Ash, And, Aspen, Cardinal, Dove, Eagle, and Albatross

*Mowing is completed in a 7 day cycle and is dependent on weather and may occur on Saturdays as needed. Grass will be cut a minimum of 33 times annually and may be more frequent depending on seasonal or climate conditions. Adjustments to the schedule will be made as needed to account for growing seasons and raining seasons. The schedule listed above does not guarantee a weekly mow schedule, but simply suggests the days of the week the landscaping contractor may mow in that neighborhood.

Green Waste Removal

Residents are encouraged to recycle green waste.
- Green waste should be neatly bundled and tied together in a neat package not to exceed 4 feet in length by 2 feet in width. 
- Loose green waste should be placed in a plastic bag or cardboard box.
- Green waste collected at all locations will be disposed of in accordance with state and local laws.


Resident Energy Conservation Program (RECP) - How Does it Work?

The Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) set forth the policy for the payment of utilities in Public Private Venture (PPV) housing to encourage energy efficiency in privatized housing units. The Resident Energy Conservation Program (RECP) represents the Navy's next step in establishing an energy conservation program in PPV housing consistent with the OSD policy.

The RECP is designed to set reasonable utility usage targets for normal utility consumption. Homes are grouped into profiles with similar or same floor plan types and sizes. The utility usage target is established on a monthly average utility allowance for each home based on a five-year rolling average of each specific month. Each month families will receive an actual bill and accrue credit for rebates if they use less than the average utility allowance. If a family exceeds the 10% buffer they are responsible for payment. It is important to note that payment due is only for the amount over the 10% buffer, not for the entire amount consumed.

Note: An allowance for "normal" utilities (electricity and natural gas) use is part of the BAH. This program was designed by the Navy to encourage residents to achieve normal usage and to reward them for conservation beyond normal expectations. If you conserve and use utilities wisely within a normal range, families should have no out-of-pocket utility expense, and may even qualify for a rebate. 

Energy Conservation Tips to help lower your bill. Complete a Resident Home Energy Audit Checklist

HVAC System Tips and how to make it work best for your home. 

Environmental Resources

During your leasing process we provided a Mold 101 Guide that discusses prevention, identification, and the procedure for reporting concerns to your maintenance team. Please immediately notify the Maintenance Solution Center if you discover a leak or suspect water intrusion of any kind in your home. To revisit the guide for prevention and reporting tips, please click here.

Additionally, click here to revisit the EPA’s Lead Based Paint brochure provided with your lease packet.

Departing Residents

I’m moving out. What now?

Our goal is to make your move as smooth and stress-free as possible. Check out our Resources for Departing Residents page for important information and details on the move-out process.

Common Questions

Is renters insurance mandatory?

Beginning June 15, 2023, renters insurance is required at time of move-in or lease renewal, and must be maintained at all times during residency with Atlantic Marine Corps Communities at the expense of the resident. Renter's insurance protects you from claims for property damage and physical injury caused by or to you, a member of your family or a guest while living in your home. The lease requires proof of insurance coverage meeting the minimum requirements with Atlantic Marine Corps Communities named as an interested party at time of move-in. 

If you fail to obtain and maintain liability insurance as required by your lease, you will be in violation of your obligation under the lease. For more information, click here

Provide Feedback

Tell us how we’re doing!

Our team is committed to providing you with great customer service and community programs. Feedback you provide through SatisFacts surveys help us make improvements that are important to you. Click here to provide us with feedback about services received from our leasing, maintenance, and community teams. We also encourage you to share your ideas and suggestions to improve services and enhance community activities and programs.

Tenant Bill of Rights / Tenant Responsibilities

Click here to view a copy of the Tenant Bill of Rights.
Click here to view a copy of the Tenant Responsibilities. 

Dispute Resolution Process

What is the process to escalate a concern related to my home or community?

Informal Dispute Resolution Process – All Residents
Atlantic Marine Corps Communities takes resident concerns very seriously and desires to address and resolve any issues in a timely manner to the satisfaction of all parties involved. Click here to view a copy of our informal dispute resolution process as well as key points of contact available to assist you with your concerns.

Formal Dispute Resolution Process – Active Duty Residents
Our vision is to provide outstanding communities where military families live, work, and thrive. If you do not feel your concerns have been effectively addressed in a timely manner through the informal dispute resolution process above, a formal dispute resolution process which involves the Military Housing Office and the Installation Command has been outlined in Schedule 3 of the NDAA Universal Lease for Active Duty residents. To view the details of this program available for you or to begin the process, click here.


We are committed to providing an exceptional resident experience while you call Atlantic Marine Corps Communities home. Please reach out to your community office with any questions or to escalate a concern related to your home or community.