Is it Time to Move On?

We are sorry to see you go, but we understand in the military, moving is second nature. 

Move Out Process

  • Provide at least 30-Day Written Notice of your intention to move.
  • Schedule your pre-inspection and final inspection with a staff member.

Move-Out Notice

Residents are required to provide at least 30-Day Written Notice when moving out of Atlantic Marine Corps Communities.  Service members who receive orders with less than a 30-day to report must bring their orders to the community center as soon as possible to complete the required paperwork. A notice to vacate form must be completed for all notices and signed at the community office.
View a copy of the AMCC Move-Out Brochure.
Atlantic Marine Corps Communities designed a simple move out process to eliminate stressful "white glove" inspections. Atlantic Marine Corps Communities expects that a home is left clean throughout; including the kitchen, bathroom(s) and garage. When a home is cleaned regularly, it should only require a wipe down, sweep and vacuum at move-out.
Residents are responsible for all damages to their home caused by the abuse or negligence of family members and guests. This includes a loss or damage caused by pets. Normal wear and tear is anticipated and acceptable. 
View our Common Damages & Repair Costs.

Paint Policy

We have established a palette of colors for you home. Walls of these colors do not have to be repainted upon move-out unless the paint quality is poor or there is damage to the walls. All painted walls outside of the accepted colors will need to be primed prior to your final inspection. No color should show through the primed walls.
Any home improvements that occurred during the residency (unless otherwise approved by management) must be reversed. The home must be returned in its original condition.


When a family provides a notice to vacate, the property management staff works with the resident to schedule a pre-final and final inspection. A pre-inspection is optional and offered for the convenience of families who have questions or believe they may incur damage or cleaning costs. A member of the property management team conducts the pre-inspection normally within 1 week of the notice to vacate submitted which may identify potential damages or cleaning items that require corrective action prior to move-out in order to avoid charges.  

Trash, Bulk Pick Up & Hazardous Material Disposal

If you have large items to dispose we suggest attempting to donate anything gently used to a local thrift store. If items are broken or damaged, a bulk trash pick-up can be scheduled on a Thursday prior to your move out. You must put in your request for bulk pick up by Wednesday at noon to get on the Thursday schedule.  No bulk items may be left at the final inspection. Call (888) 964-9730 or email to schedule a bulk pick-up. Bulk pick-up must be removed prior to your final inspection to avoid a charge.

Contact your Community Office for information on disposing hazardous material. Please note:
  • Empty propane tanks can be taken to any propane retailer (such as Lowes).
  • Any motor oil, used or unused, or any automobile tires must be disposed of properly by the resident prior to move out.
  • Paint must be left out to evaporate.  Empty paint cans and dried paint can be disposed of in normal household trash.
  • Prior to move out trash cans and recycle bins must be washed out.

Final Inspection & Move Out Guidelines

Prior to your final inspection, please check your mailbox and work with your post office to ensure your mail is forwarded. Have all the cabinets and doors open to speed up the process. During your final inspection, a member of the property management staff will identify damages above normal wear and tear as well as additional cleaning needed. Please return house keys, mailbox keys, garage door openers and provide an accurate forwarding address.

Atlantic Marine Corps Communities will:
- Provide a list of charged damages and/or cleaning costs.
- Determine the need for additional estimates for repairs and replacements. AMCC reserves the right to assess charges up to two business days after final inspection. 
- Collect any money due.

Note: Any Air Force, Army, Coast Guard or Navy service members moving due to retirement or EAS and your separation date occur in the same month as your proposed move out date, the final month's rental payment will NOT be received by the Community via the standard allotment process. Under these circumstances, we will require FULL payment of the final month rent, any delinquent balance and/or charges assessed prior to the proposed move-out date. 

Conservice Utilities (Resident Energy Conservation Program): Any outstanding balances will be accessed at the final and be part of the damages owed. If a credit is due, Conservice will mail a check to the forwarding address provided. Conservice credits cannot be used toward damage costs. 

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