Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resident Updates

At Atlantic Marine Corps Communities, our number one priority is always to provide safe and healthy homes, communities, and workplaces. This commitment is increasingly vital in the face of growing novel coronavirus (COVID-19) concerns.  We are committed to working in collaboration with our military partners to enhance and coordinate communications and provide factual and transparent information to our residents. 

Resident Update - 6/17/20
Dear Valued Residents:  
AMCC continues to monitor COVID-19 very closely. With the current positive news that the impact of COVID-19 is stabilizing and/or receding in our immediate area, we continue transitioning our operations back toward a more normalized status.  Part of this transition is the opening of our pools.  It is important that swimming pools open in a safe manner, and follows all federal, state/ local and installation guidelines. 
The pool environment lends itself to reducing the existence of the COVID-19 virus in the following ways:

  • Chlorine in swimming pools disables Coronavirus.
  • Pools are in an outdoor, wide-open environment.
  • Per CDC guidance, direct sunlight will rapidly kill the Coronavirus on surfaces like stainless steel, metal, or droplets present in the air.
To further reduce the risk of COVID-19, we will be making changes to our normal pool operations for the foreseeable future.  We ask that you comply with the following guidelines when you are enjoying the community pool.
  • All pool furniture will be removed to limit the common shared surfaces.  We invite you to bring your towels and other portable seating to enjoy the pool deck.
  • While face masks are not required, we ask that you observe social distancing when you are on the pool deck or in the pool area.
  • We encourage the use of hand-sanitizer and will provide dispensers around the pool area for your use.
  • Personal items like pool toys are discouraged to limit the surfaces that can be shared while at the pool.  Goggles and personal floatation aides (arm wings) are permitted but it is recommended that they are not shared among different households.
  • Pool occupancy limits will be enforced to promote CDC-recommended social distancing.
  • Hours of Operation will be adjusted to two-hour timeslots to allow proper cleaning and pool maintenance at regular intervals.  We will be asking residents to exit the pool and pool area at the end of these two-hour timeslots to accommodate the cleaning.  
    • The pools hours for use will be as follows:

Monday& Tuesday: Closed for routine maintenance
Wednesday: Saturday 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Sunday: 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM
We are pleased that we will be able to open the pools for your enjoyment and thank you, in advance, for your cooperation during these challenging times.   We appreciate your continued patience and understanding as we work together to keep our community safe and healthy.
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